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About Side Gig Startup

Blog of Curated blog on how to start and manage a side business.

Who Side Gig Startup is for

Our focus is the solo entrepreneur who is starting a business on the side. That’s the person with a part time business, the occasional freelancer, the new mom looking for a more flexible life, a retiree looking to supplement their income, a professional who dreams of developing a new skill.

That’s Side Gig Startup’s aim – to help you start a business that’s right for you and your life, so your business can enhance your life. With tools, information, products and resources you’ll find what you need to start a business without getting your life out of balance.

We’ve all heard about how hard it is to start a small business. How risky it is. How hard you’ll have to work. How you’ll never see your family and friends again. How overwhelmed you’ll get. It could be true, but it doesn’t have to be.

And a little bit about me

I started GoodBooks Publishing, a part time business, some years ago. Since I didn’t have a family yet, it was easy to work on my full time job and come home to devote 5 hours or more a day to my part time business. All that free time ended when I gained two very active little boys and a husband who works at his own business too! It made me realize that the business I needed to progress to, must, above all things, be flexible. It should be easy to create and easy to run, more so since I simply didn’t have the time to do anything else.

And so came the idea: a website teaching owners how to start businesses which are flexible and leave you time to balance all aspects of your life. What better than a side business – where you can start your business small, and gradually ramp up to full time (if you want to)?

Why I started this site

Starting a (successful) business is a dream of most workers. Check Google, and “working from home,” or “opening a business” are some of the most researched topics. The irony is that the business often ends up taking over your life. Not only are you doing the skill you started the business for, you’re doing everything else: sales, marketing, hiring, managing, and on and on. And that doesn’t include your life outside of the business such as health, family, friendships which also suffer. It’s no wonder most businesses fail, as owners are overextended in all aspects of their lives.

If you started a business with the aim of getting control or freedom in your life, or have the intention of running your life on your own terms, or achieving a work life balance in your small biz, this site is for you. The site is filled with practical articles and resources for you to grasp and use immediately.

Balancing business and life is possible; you just have to plan for it.

Temi Adew