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Break up your to do list

checklistAs any side business owner will tell you, our list of tasks can be momentous.  You’re managing your full time job, side business, family, and other tasks. Making a to do list can actually be scary. And the scarier a to do list is, the more likely you are to feel overwhelmed and ignore it.

The better way to creating a to do list, is to create different lists to manage different aspects of your life.  Instead of having one super-long, super-scattered list, it’s much more powerful to have several lists that you refer to for different reasons. Here’s a list of the types you might find useful:

  1. Daily to-do list. This is the worker bee of your lists. It covers the top tasks you aim to complete each day, and is ranked in order of priority.
  2. Project lists. If you have ongoing personal or business projects, project lists and timelines are invaluable. You can sketch out the entire project from start to finish and move the next item on the list to your daily list. (Note: Some people prefer mind maps or calendar-type schedules instead of straight lists.)
  3. Annual goals list. On an annual basis, take time to review your long-term goals in every area of your life. This will drive your priorities and daily to-dos.
  4. Monthly goals list. Break your annual goals down to monthly goals and keep track of them monthly.
  5. Personal goals list. While it isn’t necessary, you may want to separate your personal goals (health, relationship, spirituality, etc.) from your business goals and keep track of those objectives on a separate list.
  6. “Bucket” list. You could see this as the ultimate list of what you’re working towards. What’s the point of all your work, if you can’t enjoy some lifetime goals?  Keeping a bucket list of  goals can provide motivation, and be a fun and inspirational way to channel your energy.

The number and kind of lists you keep current is entirely a personal preference. The advantage of having more than one list is that you can quickly get a snapshot of where you are on any given project or area of your life.

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