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How to learn more about business in 10 minutes

Do you have ten minutes? Use that time to get educated! Read an article, watch an interview or listen to a podcast. I’ve outlined three sites below that provide business learning on the go.
Mixergy features a series of business interviews complied by Andrew Warner. Boasting over 942 interviews and 114 courses, you can read how one entrepreneur got customers to pay upfront for a product that didn’t yet exist, or read an inspiring story such as how a couple who used to clean houses started a profitable online cleaning business. The courses contain a range of topics delivered by those who have actually applied these techniques to their own businesses, so you’re absorbing real world experience. If you’re multitasking, listen to the audio. You could also print the interviews to take with you on your commute.

International Freelancers Academy
Headed by Ed Gandia, co-author of The Wealthy Freelancer, this site is geared towards creative freelancers, such as writers and designers. It’s full of practical advice, interviews and videos – read such articles pertinent to the part-time entrepreneur as, “5 Ways to Boost Your Freelance Income Without Working More Hours” or  “How to Spot Potentially Bad Clients Before it’s Too Late.” If you don’t want to listen to the interviews, Gandia also offers condensed transcripts that you can read through in 10 minutes.

Get Abstract
Do you like business books, but have absolutely no time to read 200 pages? Subscribe to a book summary service. Get Abstract distills each business book to five pages, so you can read it in 10 minutes.  It also features video summaries of the TED talks, which can be downloaded to most mobile devices.

When looking for educational resources, choose what works for you. If you don’t like watching video, look for a site that offers transcripts. If you don’t like reading, a site with downloadable video or audio would be ideal. Also be sure that the cost meets your budget. Lastly, and most important, do not sign up for a resource unless you’re actually sure you’re going to use and apply it to your business.

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